Are You able to Provide more time to Your Children while Working From Home

Are you able to Provide more time to your child while working from home

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, most of us are working from home. Initially this looked to be exciting, as we believed that we will save a lot of time in travelling and it will mean more time for family. However, this turned out to be otherwise for many. 

Avery Hartmans published a report in Business Insider that nearly 70% of workforce reported work from home exhaustion.

70% workforce reported work from home exhaustion.

Nicole Darrah published a report in The Sun mentioning that 3 out of 10 have considered quitting their job since beginning to work remotely.

Similar reports is published in Business Wire, a Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Company, wherein 84% people said that they are working at night to “Catch up”. Also 3 out of 4 working mothers have considered quitting their jobs due to stresses of working parenthood in last 6 months. 

84% people said that they are working at night to "catch up".

These are startling numbers. Isn’t it? 

Many companies have started looking at their HR policies to help employees cope up with this situation. Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others have re-drafted their HR policies to provide more flexibility to their employees. Recently Microsoft declared flexible work policy.

Back home, we tried to identify issues faced by working parents.

are you able to provide more time to your children while working from home during Covid

88.1% working parents confirmed that there is less / negligible time left for their children, post remote working started. They have also shared their perspective about current situation. Lets have a look at what they are saying.

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Parinaz Mistry Moorjani said that she is not able to provide more time to her children despite working from home. She mentions work has increased many folds. Only plus point is you are around them & do not waste time in travelling.

Mehak Amit Sadra also echoes what Parinaz mentioned. She also mentioned the workload has increased. There is no time left for family.

Niranjana Kumar also feels that she is not able to provide more time. She says that in fact when we used to work from office, we did not carry our work back home. Now we are disturbed all the time.

Geeta Maini agrees that we are not providing more time to Children despite being at home. She says that I am not working but I see the condition of my son and daughter in law. At home also, the work strain has increased due to Covid, like washing veggies, keep grocery in quarantine and so on. No time left.

Savita Soni cites that People working from home giving more time to office.

Anita Gehlot confirms that she is not able to spend more time with Children. She says that now work timings are 24x7 without even a holiday.

Subani A. Gour states that there is now a tracker which keeps an eye on working hours, even if you are working from home. So, no additional time for children.

Mrinalini Borse Sonawane has touched extremely sensitive point. She says that Management thinks we are in the comfort zone of the home. But frankly speaking we are working more, and we do not have time for children, despite at home.

Prajakta Landge says that it was better at work. We had fixed hours at least. Work from home feels like working 24×7.

Monika Kaktikar is a teacher. She says that teaching so many children, but agony is that she is not able to give time to her own children.

Baljinder Kaur claims that life is totally ruined with work from home, there is no time for ourselves also.

Mahalakshmi Ramachandran argues that there are too many roles to play at the same time - Mom, cook, wife, daughter in law, employee. With that, no time for you to take care of yourself.

Sarika Pandey asserts that There is no balance in life now.

Sarita Sundaresan Prabhu affirms that Life was better when I worked from office. With work from home, I am not able to give time to family.

Dipeeka Punamia states that her husband used to spend more time when he uses to go to office. Now the bosses call up anytime and ask him to work. There are times when he hardly gets time to talk to him or hug his own son.

Maria Candida Fernandes summarized beautifully. She says that we need to learn to manage time with responsibilities.


In summary, we appreciate the views shared by working parents. Almost everyone agreed that workload has increased significantly. There was a clear segregation between office and home in pre-Covid situation. However, boundary between home and office is now collapsed. You are supposed to work through out the day and night. There is no weekend or holidays now. Your superiors are calling anytime, and you cannot deny work. Companies need 

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